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already know the drill?

If we haven’t snow blowed for  you in past winters, please review our terms of services. Otherwise…

2024 Snow Removal Terms of service

Thank you for considering Goodman & Son Snow Removal Service!

Well, the lad isn’t around much these days as he’s a grown up now and tooling around with Dad isn’t as cool as it used to be… that’s okay.  I still have the old reliable snow thrower, I’m happy to help out a neighbor and to be honest, I don’t mind the extra scratch!

Please read and understand the following so we’re all on the same page:

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our neighbors but we’re not trying to get sued either 😉 So right out of the gate: we are not professional snow removal service. We are not a registered business.  We are not licensed, bonded or insured to do this work. If you’re not okay with any of it, please do not hire us.

Schedule: The schedule is based on a combination of the order requests  come in and how many jobs we have on a given street.  On heavy snow days, we will be very busy.  As reservations come in, we will add the addresses to this page and provide status updates as we are able. We reserve the right to turn down service or reschedule for any reason (i.e. If it’s a busy day and we’ve done 10-12 driveways on a cold and snowy day, we may shut down for the day so we don’t kill the old man!)

Clear the way so we can clear the Snow: Please make sure your driveway is clear of vehicles and other obstacles. If you still want us to remove snow from your drive with vehicles or obstacles, we will work around them carefully, but will not be held responsible financially or otherwise for any accidental damage.

Property Damage:  Again, we will be as careful as we can while removing snow from your property.  However, we will not be responsible for any accidental damage to your property, home and/or other possessions. Examples might be; but are not limited to Christmas lights/displays, electrical cords, invisible fence systems, newspapers, hoses, or damage to landscaping.

Cancellation: If you can’t wait or need to cancel for any reason, please be courteous and text (330) 421-1960 ASAP with your name and address so we can take you off the schedule.

Payment: Fees for services will be automatically calculated based on the choices in the scheduling form. Payment is expected at or before the time of service.

We accept the following online payment services:

Venmo: – please use emoji’s or something like “snow day” so we’re not hit with a service charge.

Apple Cash: You can pay via apple cash to (330) 421-1960

Paypal: – $1.95 will be added if you use paypal to cover their service fee.

We certainly accept cash and if you want to throw a couple extra bucks for a job well done, it’s always appreciated.

If you absolutely have to write a check, please make it payable to “Jason Goodman”

Much gratitude,

Joe (Son) and Jay (Dad) Goodman


Current Status


We are no longer available.

Current Schedule

Date: Friday, January 19, 2024

Snow Reservations

* The number indicates the number of spots available, not the order.  Depending on the day, we may add more spots.

Snow Removal Reservation Form

If the reservation form is disabled it is because we are not taking reservations at this time.