The #1 question I get from people when I tell them I own a digital marketing agency is, “How can I get more likes & Followers on my business social media?”.  Well the first thing that will typically fly out of my mouth is, “Well let me tell you about Absolute 0 Social Media Management Services!??”… but that’s not the focus of this article therefore, I digress.


It’s remarkably simple.  Who better to ask to follow and review your business pages than the people that do business with you!

I know… I know…  Mind. Blown. LOL

So How do I go about this?

I went into my gmail, and compose the following email to every active client I have:

*Tip* Send an email to yourself and Bcc (Blind Copy) everyone else.  This way you can keep your client list private and if someone responds to your email everyone won’t get bombarded with replies otherwise you may end up with some annoyed clients and you don’t want those kind of reviews 😉  *Tip*

Subject:  Would you write a review for my business page?

Body of the Email:

Hey there!

I’m hoping you would help me out:  I’m looking to boost Absolute 0’s social media presence big time in 2018.  If you follow A0 on Facebook, I’ve been posting short, but extremely relevant posts with solid info on best new practices for website engagement, design, and critical tips to help boost your website, social media and website performance.  If you could help me out with these small but extremely meaningful gestures, I would really appreciate it.   Plus – If I haven’t written reviews already for your company, I will totally reciprocate the favor!

1) Like and Review Absolute 0 on Facebook
Go and click the like button if you haven’t already (You’ll need to be logged into facebook) then follow the easy steps in the link below to give us a rating and quick review.
2) Follow and Review Absolute 0 on our Google Page
Go to and click “Follow” if you haven’t already. (Again, you’ll need to be logged into Google via gmail, youtube, etc) then follow the easy steps in the link below to give us a rating and quick review.
I’m not asking you to write an essay or anything (unless you really want to) — just  give us a rating along with a few sentences about what we do for you and your experience working with Absolute 0.
I understand your busy doing your own thing, so I’ve pretty much done the work for you. Go to There you will find quick step-by-step instructions on how to post a review to both Facebook and Google along with a few examples of what to write.

Feel free to copy my email and do the same thing.  Obviously, change the style of the email and links to customize to you.

I’m sending out my email right now – I’ll post an update of the results.  As of this writing, we have 200 likes and 3 reviews on Facebook and 37 followers

Send your email out then hit me up in the comment section below and let me know how you did!