My Information

My Information

In the My Info section you can view and update your company information. If your company information ever changes, fill out the form and click the update client button.
Below the form you will see the administrator’s user information broken down into these fields:

  • Client ID: Account ID number
  • Client Email: Email address that project notes will be delivered to
  • Client Password: Encrypted version of your password. The password is encrypted so that other users cannot login to your account.
  • Client First Name: Users first name
  • Client Last Name: Users last name
  • Client Active: Shows if this users account is active
  • Client Registration Date: Date that user has been added to A2K system

Adding a New User:

To add a new user click on the Add Additional user button. Enter in the new user’s first name, last name, email address, password and then confirm the password. Once you have entered in the new users information you must select an authorization type. You can either let the new user have full authorization, meaning they can authorize projects, pay bills, etc. or you can set them to View Access Only, meaning that user can only view project activity.

Absolute 0 Internet Studios has been serving Northeast Ohio as a commercial web hosting and design company since 1998. In that time we have provided our clients with exceptional websites, technical support and technical solutions. When considering the addition of a website to your business portfolio it is important to choose the right developer for the job and since your here, you're already off to a great start.

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Contact Information

Phone: 330.721.4600

Address: 335 North Court St.
Suite 100
Medina, Ohio

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