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Website Hosting… Is there REALLY a difference?

You better believe it! Businesses and organizations of all sizes have dramatically increased reliance upon their website and email services. Therefore, any downtime can be debilitating. This is precisely the reason Absolute 0 has continued to employ the services of Rackspace Managed Hosting. We’ve utilized other hosting companies in the past – even considered switching for budgetary reasons. But every scenario led us back to the same conclusion:

While we may be able to trim some fat from the budget, can we afford to lose the reliability with service and support?

Perhaps the bigger question is, Can you?

Our alliance with Rackspace means your mission-critical sites and applications are taken care of by people, products, services and processes. Every Rackspace customer is assigned an entire account team! This means, OUR clients have the comfort in knowing that their website hosting & email hosting services are backed by the best there is. And we have established iron-clad protocols to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch, monitor, administer, backup data, and upgrade. Bottom line: you never have to worry again — and if something should go wrong — and it does, they fix it…FAST!. Our servers and devices are secured in world-class data centers and connected to managed Zero-Downtime Network monitoring system. This means, if there is a system hiccup, a technician is dispatched immediately to investigate the issue before a problem arises.


Shared hosting

Sometimes known as virtual hosting, this is the most basic and the most inexpensive of hosting alternatives. With shared hosting, numerous other websites are hosted on one server, sharing the cost of an Internet connection that’s generally faster and more secure than dial-up connections. A range of basic bundled services at a low monthly fee makes this a popular choice for small business websites.

While economically sound, this type of hosting typically cannot handle large amounts of storage or traffic and the provider offers little to no IT services or flexibility.


Dedicated hosting

This form of hosting allows clients to lease pre-configured, high-end equipment and connectivity for their single use. This solution offers greater flexibility than shared hosting. The server is managed by Absolute 0 and in configured specifically for that clients needs. The provider, however, remains responsible for administration.

Clients using a dedicated hosting solution are typically larger clients with multiple websites or clients requiring larger amounts of space and data processing. It also requires a more significant investment of finances and time resources than shared hosting.

Absolute 0 Internet Studios has been serving Northeast Ohio as a commercial web hosting and design company since 1998. In that time we have provided our clients with exceptional websites, technical support and technical solutions. When considering the addition of a website to your business portfolio it is important to choose the right developer for the job and since your here, you're already off to a great start.

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