Who doesn’t love a cool t-shirt?  How would you like to get your hands on this all-new, limited edition, completely re-designed for 2018, Absolute 0 Internet Studios “All websites are not created equal.” T-Shirts???

What’s the catch? No catch…. we’re just hoping you’ll checkout our blog posts and interact with us a little more with likes and comments on Facebook.  We’ve been creating some really informative, relevant posts pertaining to website & computer hacks.

SO! We just ordered 2 dozen of these bad boys in white and gray!!! (most are medium, Large & XL, but we did order 2 Small and 2 XXL) Wanna get your hands on one? Here’s what you need to do:

IF YOU’RE A CLIENT: Like Absolute 0 Internet Studios AND give us a nice little review on Facebook or Google. Then PM us with your size, color preference and where you want it mailed to.  Not sure how or where to write a review?  See this post that tells you exactly where to go and how to write a review for facebook or google.

IF YOU’RE NOT A CLIENT: 1) Boo on you. 2) Like Absolute 0 Internet Studios Facebook Page 3) Create a post with the following content: “Hook my dudes at Absolute 0 Internet Studios with a FB Like! #allwebsitesarenotcreatedequal” and or #repthe0 AND tag us. Then PM us with your size, color preference and where you want it mailed to.

Here are some restrictions so you don’t get all salty…
There’s only 24 and they are in limited supply, first come first serve… if we don’t have your size or color, sorry doods…
We just ordered them so it’s gonna be a couple of weeks. You’ll be notified when they’re ready to go.
Limit one per awesome person… don’t be all greedy yo!
Any client that has recently written a review, we know who you are! If you want one, just PM us with your size, color preference and Address and we’ll put one aside for you — but you HAVE TO at least PM us.
Yes mom, you get one.

That is all – good luck and thanks for reppin’ the 0!