Learning web development is a great idea for any determined individual. Even if you don’t consider yourself a web developer, or you haven’t considered going into web development, as more of every industry is becoming virtual, a knowledge of web development helps you in achieving and surpassing your career goals. Web development is a very broad field, which involves many coding languages and programs. Unfortunately, many might not have the time necessary to learn everything about web development. It is best to prioritize that which will open the most doors the quickest.

Why Learn WordPress

That is why studying WordPress is the way to go. WordPress powers 75 million million websites (around a quarter of the entire world wide web). WordPress is also the most used open source Content Management System) in the world.

Yet the prospect of learning WordPress seems pointless to many. If WordPress offers many beautiful themes and templates, then why learn how to make your own? Because no 2 websites are ever going to be exactly the same. The goals of the owner of that website, whether an individual or organization, are unique. To achieve such goals, a knowledge of how to tweak WordPress are always better than having to stick to a static template because of a lack of coding knowledge. This is not only true when the website is being made, but after. It is impractical to create a new website every time you wish to make a change in its format and layout, but with coding knowledge, you can make adjustments whenever you need to. Building a website on WordPress from scratch may be frustrating, but it is much more efficient and convenient in the long run.

Learn How to Use Plugins

Plugins are software that can add additional functions to your WordPress site. There are thousands of plugins available online for free, because anyone with a knowledge of PHP (the language that plugins are written in) can make their own plugins. That is why you have to be very careful which plugins you install. That is also why you as well can write your own plugins. The incentive for doing so is the same as that as customizing your WordPress site yourself: no one knows what needs your site requires more than you.

How to Start Learning

It is never too late (or too early) to start learning WordPress. There are many ways to do so. A few individuals are able to learn by themselves, with he the help of online learning and printed learning materials. However, many more aren’t able to learn in such a way, and need the guidance of instructors and the collaboration of peers to succeed.

People that require such social stimulation often enroll in coding bootcamps. Yet, just like self-learning, coding bootcamps are not for everyone. They are mostly held in big cities and condense a few years of Computer Science material into a few months. Not everyone has the possibility to put his/her current life (work, school, family included) and travel to a big city to attend such a boot camp and resources (tuition and rent). Yet even if this not a concern, the crammed learning that boot-camps are are not for anyone.

For many, online degree programs are the way to go. Such programs offer the guided curriculum and peer collaboration that self-learning doesn’t, and a more relaxed learning approach than coding bootcamps. At the completion of an online degree, you get a college degree, a prerequisite for many positions. Because most work in programming classes is done in front of a computer anyway, you aren’t missing much by not sitting in a classroom, though you are saving a lot of time and money. To some, however, the physical classroom setting is essential to learning.

Which method of learning WordPress do you think would be best for you?


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