There is nothing that is more unsettling than when your website server goes down, accompanied by the hosted emails and your followers have to stay in the dark as you struggle to figure out what went wrong. Most people that have WordPress sites never bother to find out if there are tools which monitor uptime because downtime never happens. However, there are dozens of application monitoring tools which will not only allow you to figure out why your server may go down among other issues, and take the necessary steps to mitigate the damage before it occurs. Here are a few of the neglected monitoring tools and how they can help you manage your websites better.

Application performance management

Application performance management involves a lot of activities. The application monitoring tools are there to make sure that you have a clear understanding of all the things happening to your site and that you are not flying blind. Here are some of the vital components of an excellent application monitoring and management solution.

  • Performing individual web requests and transactions
  • Detailing transaction traces all the way down to specific code lines
  • Performance and profiling at the code level
  • Understanding the primary metrics related to a server, such as the CPU, memory, and others
  • Real user monitoring, application log data, and application errors

Application monitoring tools that are neglected

Some things have changed since the advent of cloud computing. People no longer have to worry too much about losing all their data in a server crash, as long as they have it backed up somewhere remotely. But application monitoring tools are still relevant; they can help the user see application performance in real-time, real-time visibility, view metrics and even detailed transaction rates. Here are a few tools that have been neglected, but can help you manage your site better and improve user experience:

PHP memory limit exhausted

Your website needs memory to run if you are running a site that has more scripts and services that what your server can handle, it is possible that the site will go down when the memory limit is reached. To prevent your site from going offline when the memory limit is reached increase the PHP memory limit.

Your site is not optimized

Optimizing your site means keeping the plugins that you need, reducing file size and compressing images. Plugins such as WP Rocket and WP Super Cache will help you run a tight ship and avoid memory wastage.

These are just a few applications that will help you have an easy time managing your website, and avoid the complications which result from reactive site management as opposed to proactive management.

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